EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015 wrap-up

This year’s AirVenture was outstanding, and the perfect weather didn’t hurt.

  • Attendance: Approximately 550,000, with a total attendance increase of approximately 2 percent
  • Total aircraft: More than 10,000 aircraft arriving at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh and other airports in east-central Wisconsin.
  • Total showplanes: 2,668 (up 1 percent over 2014) – including 1,031 homebuilt aircraft, 976 vintage airplanes, 350 warbirds, 130 ultralights and light-sport aircraft, 101 seaplanes, 30 rotorcraft, and 50 aerobatic aircraft.
  • Forums and Workshops: A total of 1,048 sessions attended by more than 75,000 people.
  • Guests registered at International Visitors Tent: 2,299 visitors registered from a record 80 nations.


  • F-22
  • F-35
  • B-52
  • F-100 Super Sabre
  • Mosquito
  • Lancaster
  • Goodyear’s Wingfoot One
  • Airbus A350
  • Junkers F13 replica
  • Apollo 13 reunion
  • Burt Rutan

Last year, Lane Wallace had some thoughtful commentary about Oshkosh.

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