Catching up on the world of aerospace

I have been gone for a while, and it’s long past time to catch up.

New Horizons is rapidly approaching Pluto, with the flyby on July 14. Recent images show all five of Pluto’s known moons.

Deep System Search 1 5-11-15

MESSENGER, the first spacecraft to orbit Mercury, crashed on the surface of the planet on April 30, 2015, ending a spectacularly successful reconaissance mission of the innermost plant.

NuSTAR has spotted a mysterious glow of high-energy X-rays that, according to scientists, could be the “howls” of dead stars as they feed on stellar companions. This zombie-like “feeding” process differs depending on the nature of the normal star, but the result may be an eruption of X-rays.

Gizmodo has published some of the famous and influential space art of Chesley Bonestell.


Fred George of Aviation Week & Space Technology takes the Airbus A350 for a spin. For comparison, here are links to previoius pilot reports for the Boeing 787 and Airbus A380.

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