Fitzhugh L. Fulton Jr., 1925-2015

RIP, Fitz Fulton.

Fitzhugh Fulton was a renowned test pilot who flew for the US Air Force, NASA and Scaled Composites. Not only was he a giant in his field, but he was a true gentleman. When I was a 23-year old 2Lt flight test engineer, I had the opportunity to work with Fitz for a short period. Imagine somebody just called up from the minor leagues in the same line-up as Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron, and you get the picture. It made a big impression on me that this living legend treated me (objectively, a nobody) as a valued colleague, and it was a valuable life lesson about how to treat other people correctly. I learned that I was not treated in a special way; this was his standard way of dealing with people.


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