The Apollo 11 Mission and the Challenge of Solving the Plight of the Poor

A thoughtful post by Roger Launius.

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ap11_newsweekOne of the most interesting stories of the Apollo 11 mission in July 1969 is the protest led by the Rev. Ralph Abernathy, successor to Martin Luther King as head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. He and some 500 other protesters went to the 06Kennedy Spoace Center at the time of the Apollo 11 launch to call attention to the plight of the poor of the United States. The protesters held an all night vigil as the countdown proceeded and then made a march with two mule-drawn wagons as a reminder that while the nation spent significant money on the Apollo program poverty ravished many Americans’ lives. As Hosea Williams said at the time, “We do not oppose the Moon shot. Our purpose is to protest America’s inability to choose human priorities.”

This protest pointed up more effectively than almost anything else the confluence of high technology challenges and the…

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  1. David Shomper, ex-Apollo engineer

     /  June 6, 2014

    “…the 06Kennedy Spoace Center…”?


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