Book Review – McDonnell Douglas/Boeing F-15 Baz

McDonnell Douglas/Boeing F-15 Baz (Aircraft of the Israeli Air Force 5)
Ra’anan Weiss
Alon Koren
IsraDecal Publications

What it’s about:

The F-15 (but not the F-15I) in Israeli Defense Force service.

What I liked about the book:

Excellent photographs
Extensive history of the F-15 in Israeli service, with information that is found nowhere else
Color profiles of aircraft

What could have been done better:

Too many spelling errors and a mediocre translation into English
Some factual errors (the F-15 did not use the AIM-9H, and the Israelis did not use the CH-53E helicopter)


The Israelis have been the most significant user of the F-15 aside from the USAF, making good use of it both as an air superiority fighter and a fighter-bomber. Given the secrecy around the Israeli Air Force, information about their use of the F-15 has been scarce. This book pulls back the covers on this subject. The book might have earned a five star rating, if not for its drawbacks which are relatively minor but annoying.


4 stars out of a possible 5.

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