Book review – B-17G Flying Fortress Walk Around

B-17G Flying Fortress Walk Around
David Doyle
Squadron Signal Publishing

What it’s about:

A detailed walk around of one of the most renowned warplanes in history, well illustrated with photographs.

What I liked about the book:

  • The captions do a great job of explaining what is in the photographs, including variations of the B-17G and additions to the restored aircraft which depart from the wartime configuration.
  • Plenty of technical detail.
  • Photographic coverage of nearly every airworthy B-17 remaining.

What could have been done better:

  • The lighting for some of the interior photos is mediocre. In fairness, photographing the interior of aircraft is difficult, and the extensive use of supplemental lighting such as flashes introduces its own problems: hot spots (reflections) and harsh shadows. In no case are the photographs unusable.


Squadron Signal and prolific author David Doyle have done it again, with a fine book at a good price. The companion volume in the In Action series B-17 Flying Fortress in Action is an excellent purchase to make to accompany this book. For less than $40, you can have a detailed understanding of this important aircraft of World War II.


5 stars out of a possible 5.

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