B-25 flight

I had one of my most memorable flights ever, flying as a passenger on B-25J “Panchito”, operated by the Delaware Aviation Museum.








Animation of ISS assembly

Animation of ISS assembly

Cockpit video in an Dassault Rafale

Electric Green Taxiing System

Honeywell and Safran demonstrated their Electric Green Taxiiing System (EGTS) at the Paris Air Show. EGTS can significantly improve an airline’s operational efficiency by reducing fuel and other taxi related costs, as well as providing environmental benefits by slashing the carbon and other emissions created during taxi operations because airliners don’t need to run their engines to taxi.

Photo of the week

Photo of the week

Senior Airman Nicholas Smyth inspects an F-15E Strike Eagle during Green Flag-West 13-5 June 24, 2013, at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev. A typical Green Flag exercise involves two multi-role fighter and/or bomber squadrons, unmanned aircraft, electronic warfare aircraft and aerial refueling aircraft. Smyth is a crew chief assigned to the 4th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron at Seymour Johnson AFB, N.C. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Brett Clashman)

Book Review – B-25 Mitchell Walk Around

B-25 Mitchell Walk Around
David Doyle
Squadron Signal Publishing

What it’s about:

A detailed walk around of the famous World War II bomber, well illustrated with photographs.

What I liked about the book:

  • Color profile illustrations of aircraft.
  • Plenty of technical detail.
  • High-quality photography of several restored aircraft.

What could have been done better:

  • The book would have benefited from a few full-page page images of different parts of the interior, taken with a wide-angle lens. There are several interior photos that to me were difficult to understand exactly what I was seeing and where it was located, because of the lack of context. Some larger photos taken with a wide angle lense would have solved that problem.


Overall, this is a high-quality publication at a reasonable price. If the subject matter interests you, you should definitely buy it. Better yet, buy it with its companion volume in the In Action series B-25 Mitchell in Action. For less than $40, you can have a detailed understanding of this important aircraft of World War II.


4 stars out of a possible 5.

NASA astronaut class of 2013

NASA has announced its newest astronaut selection.

  • Josh A. Cassada, Ph. D.
  • Victor J. Glover, Lt. Commander, U.S. Navy
  • Tyler N. Hague, Lt. Colonel, U.S. Air Force
  • Christina M. Hammock
  • Nicole Aunapu Mann, Major, U.S. Marine Corps
  • Anne C. McClain, Major, U.S. Army
  • Jessica U. Meir, Ph.D.
  • Andrew R. Morgan, M.D., Major, U.S. Army

Of paticular interest to the proprietor of this website, Hague is the 36th NASA astronaut to be educated at MIT. I believe that MIT is #3 in the number of its alumni who have become NASA astronauts, after the US Naval Academy and US Air Force Academy (Hague also being an alumnus of the latter).

Boeing launches 787-10

At the Paris Air Show, Boeing announced that it has launched the 787-10 variant of its 787 family. The 787-10 will fly up to 7,000 nautical miles (12,964 km) with seating for 300-330 passengers, depending on an airline’s configuration choices.


Airplane Crash Shown from 3 Onboard Cameras

Your flight instructor was correct. You must maintain aircraft control above all else, and if you do, you are likely to survive a crash in a general aviation aircraft. If you don’t maintain aircraft control all the way to the ground, you almost certainly will not survive the crash.

Airbus A350 XWB first flight

Earlier today, Airbus flew their A350 XWB airliner on its first flight. The A350 XWB is intended to directly compete with the Boeing 787. The Aviation Week & Space Technology website has some images captured off of the live video feed here and here.